Who discovered the Green synthesis of Atorvastatin?

The company responsible for the development of the green-by-design manufacturing method of Atorvastatin is Codexis, Inc. An innovative and revolutionary biocatalyst company founded in 2002, their mission is to create “designer” enzymes that improve industrial processes in pharmaceuticals and related industries. One of their biggest initiatives is manufacturing unique enzymes that accelerate the manufacturing process of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s). Through the use of bioinformatic tools and other platform technologies, Codexis, Inc. has dedicated their work to creating non-toxic, safe, customizable and efficient biocatalysts. A biocatalyst in these terms simply means an enzyme used at a certain step that initiates a specific chemical reaction.

Using bioinformatics software and a team of highly skilled chemists, they have created enhanced and customized enzymes for use as green catalysts in chemical reactions replacing previous methods that involved toxic and non-biodegradable compounds. They have won the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award three times for their work, one of which was received in 2006 for the green synthesis of hydroxynitrile.